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By Rohit Singh Thakur

Etor Events Catering Indore one best caters in Indore in terms food quality and taste. 

The way to the heart is through the stomach and we know that. We work with our team of specialty chefs who have time and again been recognized as the premium wedding caterers in Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

From the most intimate gatherings to large functions; Indian Accent at Home and Events Etc., our in-house specialty catering services have successfully executed well planned events to suit the signature style and tastes of our clients.

Etor Events catering Indore provides premium wedding catering services of its kind in Indore. As a top wedding caterer in Indore, Etor Events has also executed large location caterings as well as held Food Festivals in Indore.

“Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming in restaurant”

“Most dangerous food is Wedding Cake”

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Party and food are synonymous! Throwing a big budget party includes the grand buffet that must be good enough to please the guests. Setting up a buffet is not everyone’s cup of tea; it takes effort, planning and time. Some few simple tips and tricks can help a lot in the preparation of a buffet. Tips and tricks help you to take the buffet preparation to next level and can avoid pitfalls. Do remember to hire a caterer when you are planning for a buffet. This can help you to bring perfection of buffet preparation.

Check out these points and get it the right way!

1. Keep the series of the cuisines: When the guests move towards the food table, there are some chances of getting chaos. So, make sure your buffet should be in a systematic order to avoid hassle. Always give a starting point and end point, so that people don’t get confused and they get a clear idea of all the cuisines. Keep the separate sections for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It should include a series- snack table, main food table and then dessert table.

2. Keep a separate table for drinks: The proper way of buffet is to keep food and drinks on different tables. As it has a different procedure of serving, especially for coffee. A separate station for drinks is equal to less worry. This way it becomes easy for the guests to swing by to refill their glasses/cups, without getting into the buffet line. Always keep the drink table clean and tidy as there are chances of spills and piles of disposals, glasses or cups. Represent drinks in unique and different styles because first impression is the last impression.

4. Multiple stacks of everything:  We all know that there are going to be numerous guests in the event and imagine all the guests are hopping at one place. Wouldn’t it be a mess? So, it is better to put multiple stacks of napkins, plates or cutleries. It will help avoid the mess and overcrowding. A systematic way is always better than a mess! A tiny tip for excellence in preparation is to put napkin stacks with the seam facing outwards, to make them easier to pick.

5. Add variety of cuisines: The more the cuisines, the interesting will be your buffet. Keeping everyone’s taste and preference in mind can make your buffet a perfect one. Don’t let down vegetarians with less variety. There must be equal variety for both non-vegetarians as well vegetarian dishes. You can add various flavors from across the globe to your buffet that will help you to make it more interesting and luscious.

Perfection comes with proper planning and follow up! If you are planning for a grand event and including a buffet then you must follow these tips and tricks to turn it into a successful one. Hiring a caterer would be like a cherry on the cake, as they are the real experts in preparing buffet. At Etor Events we have expert team who knows all the tactics of setting up a buffet. Get in touch with us for a phenomenal catering experience and make your event unforgettable for years to come.

Etor Events Catering Indore one best caters in Indore. Contact us +91-94248-36306, Mail ID

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